For Honesty's Sake

“I think we both feel a little bit like we push each other out of our comfort zones.”

Under Review

Ace Martens

In 2014, Ace Martens released their first EP, Silent Days. Eleanor Wearing, writing for Weird Canada described it as a “Lunar Daydream.” Fast-forward 2 years…

Real Live Action

Ora Cogan

The opener for Ora Cogan’s album release for Shadowland was Paul Stewart, performing a soft set accompanied by Missy Donaldson on keys, and Justin Devries…


Fundrive Finale is Friday, March 4!

This year’s Fundrive Finale will be the release party for the Pop Alliance Vol. 4 LP with performances by bands on the compilation including Mourning…


Sofar Sounds

And Yet So Close

“Hopefully it feels different than just going down to the old watering hole to catch a live band.”

Real Live Action

B.A. Johnston

Alternatively titled: B.A. Johnston’s On To Us: A paranoid recollection of the events that lead to this article Someone must have tipped B.A. Johnston off…

Real Live Action

Winter Waste

Two topics were raised during onstage banter at the Friday, February 27 Winter Waste fundraiser: the first thing on everyone’s mind was Tops, playing the Biltmore…