Real Live Action

Orville Peck

As the room resounded with the chatter of the ever-growing crowd — who were clad in more cowboy hats, fringed suede jackets, and large belt…

Real Live Action

Alien Boys (album release)

Though its interior is approximately the size and shape of a livestock barn, the WISE Hall’s chandeliers and string lights gave it an air of…

Real Live Action

Blue Moon Marquee

Upon walking into the underground bar, I was met by the pleasant vocal stylings of Gillian Moranz. In addition to her own guitar playing, Moranz…

Real Live Action

Rae Spoon & Carole Pope

If you’re anything like me, in simplest terms, you go to a concert to experience your favourite mildly loud music from your favourite artists as…

Real Live Action

The Joey Only Outlaw Band

There was a hum about the Wise Hall and a timeless sense of gathering, with the room sensually lit by faux-candle chandeliers and strings of…


The WISE Hall

The WISE Hall is a dim but homely space, with dark wooden floors and lights strung into a canopy overhead. My voice echoes across the…


September’s Wise Hall Flea

It’s almost the end of the month, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for the September edition of The Wise Hall Flea! From…



“I’ve always thought of Devours as a punk project, and a very selfish project, because I do what I want, and I need to do it to keep myself sane.”