“Every climate change film I’ve seen is so bogged down with overwhelming statistics and this picture of a massive problem. I wanted to bring that down to a human scale, to a family scale, that I think people can feel some resonance with.”

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Mass For Shut Ins

The stereotype of Canadian film is that it situates itself in the periphery; all the more with the Maritimes. Goin’ Down the Road may be…

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VIFF 2017: Unarmed Verses

From the opening shots of Charles Officer’s documentary, Unarmed Verses, it’s clear that this is a film that embraces its setting. In typical Canadian fashion,…

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VIFF 2017: Sweet Virginia

Marked by tension and atrocity, Sweet Virginia unveils a bitter yet beautiful view on human nature. It superimposes the relationship between necessity and sin over…

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VIFF 2017: Paradox

A psychopathic organ trafficker, a psychic Muay Thai cop and a desperate father out for revenge — I saw Paradox at the Rio Theatre during…

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VIFF 2017: Indian Horse

Watching this movie on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish people adds to the allure and tragedy of the feature. The wounds of colonial…

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VIFF 2017: Thelma

A truly sinister scene opens Thelma, the fourth film by Norwegian director Joachim Trier, setting the tone for two fascinating hours that follow. A father…