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tv ugly

If you’ve ever stepped foot into 333, you know to bring your jacket. The punk venue stood in the heart of the industrial neighborhood, and…



“Between then and now we realized what Beach Church was … It’s fun, but also very spiritual, which is why it’s like a beach but also a church.”


Tonight is The SSRIs Reunion Show!

Tonight is Vancouver’s The SSRIs Reunion Show at The Wise Hall & Lounge! Blessed, Redrick Sultan, and TV Ugly will be accompanying them. Doors are…


Alarum Records

Although he “put a name to” Alarum Records in 2013, Eric Axen had been honing his taste in the Vancouver indie pop and punk scene…

Under Review

tv ugly

A quick look at tv ugly’s Bandcamp page shows that the band have labelled themselves with the genre of garbage pop. And while this may…


tv ugly

“It dawned on me that their kind of musical compatibility should come as no surprise, since they seem to be starring in their very own, real-life TV show.”