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Nice Apple

Arriving sleep deprived and hungover to the Toast Collective, I plopped into one of the venue’s armchairs, closed my eyes, and listened to the chatting…

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Be Afraid Tape Release

I arrived at Toast Collective as Little Sprout were just wrapping up their soundcheck, forty-five minutes after the show’s designated start time. The cheery and…

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Season’s Greetings Toast Fundraiser

Last December, some local bands came together to fundraise for The Toast Collective, a venue that has become one of Vancouver’s most cherished gems. There were performances by Future Star, Little Sprout, Birdo and Tim the Mute.




“If someone’s laughing during your poems, it’s cause you tickled them.”



“Hey, we want to pay you for your ideas. Even if it’s not much, your work is worth being paid for.”

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Music Waste 2017

Over the last few years in Vancouver, we’ve watched more venues shut down than we have found new ones opening up. Because of this, what…

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Music Waste 2017 pt. 1

At 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 3, the front door of Toast Collective was locked and the windows were boarded up. Confident that a Music…

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Photo Essay: Ivory Towers

You have chosen to look into your own reflection. You immediately turn to stone and fall to the ground. You sit for centuries gathering moss,…

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Hunter Gather

“Welcome to my humble abode,” uttered Ridley Bishop, taking to the stage as the first act of the evening — the venue did at times…