Real Live Action

Music Waste 2018 pt. 1

Music Waste is always a scramble of a weekend, desperately dashing between venues, leaving sets early and arriving moments too late to see all the…

Under Review

Shitlord Fuckerman

Video games have entered the realm of art. Nuanced portrayals of both imagined and quasi-real worlds, like that of BioShock and Grand Theft Auto, have…


Art d’Ecco

Becoming Art d'Ecco

“If people call my look gay, then it is. That’s fucking fine by me. The point is that gender equality is what’s missing in a lot of the rock ‘n’ roll that I’m trying to bring into my sound.”

Real Live Action

Are We Not?

There is something self indulgent for the performers and audience alike when it comes to tribute bands. Everyone is getting what they want out of…