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shitlord fuckerman

With the sudden onset of show cancellations, venue closures and countless musicians out of work for the foreseeable future, the title of shitlord fuckerman’s latest…


Gil Goletski

If you take life too seriously, you’ll only develop ulcers, skin conditions, and a boring by-the-books existence which ultimately leaves one wanting more. At the…


March Top 50 on CiTR 101.9FM

Hectic times call for hectic measures! Our sincere apologies for not posting the charts the past couple of weeks, but please accept the Top 50…

Real Live Action

Pop Alliance Appreciation Party

The Pop Alliance Appreciation Party wasn’t the first Friday night I found myself at Red Gate — but it was certainly among the most memorable….

Real Live Action

Music Waste 2018 pt. 1

Music Waste is always a scramble of a weekend, desperately dashing between venues, leaving sets early and arriving moments too late to see all the…

Under Review

Shitlord Fuckerman

Video games have entered the realm of art. Nuanced portrayals of both imagined and quasi-real worlds, like that of BioShock and Grand Theft Auto, have…