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In 2014, Supermoon were riding a wave of adulation as they played live shows — similiar to the anticipation surrounding their namesake phenomenon. This excitement…

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Ace Martens

In 2014, Ace Martens released their first EP, Silent Days. Eleanor Wearing, writing for Weird Canada described it as a “Lunar Daydream.” Fast-forward 2 years…

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Back in 2015, Dumb released two EPs, Friendship and Tulips. They were energetic, exciting and marked Dumb as a very exciting prospect for Vancouver music….


Iceberg Ferg

“I think it’s just how I present myself, I sing high and I’m pretty inward on stage.”


Peanut Butter ‘N’ Jams

“We have strong opinions about everything!” Brenda Grunau wants to make this very clear, “otherwise it’d be boring!” Her radio other-half, Jordie Yow backs her…

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Les Chaussettes

Editor’s Note: This is a review of Les Chaussette’s new split, out now on Punk Fox, in addition to some extra tracks from the band.  You…

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New-wave is one of those genres so saturated with artists that it’s very difficult for bands to make a record which is more than a…

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As the first chord of the thunderous opening riff smashes through your eardrums, it is clear that Ontario’s TV Freaks are as angry as ever….

Real Live Action


As an adopted Vancouverite, I am quickly learning that musicians and gig-goers alike are very proud of their homegrown music. Local talent is championed and…

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Jerusalem in My Heart

I listened to JIMH for the first time whilst freewheeling down West 4th on a clear and beautiful night with the lights of Vancouver shimmering…