Stream Bad Canada’s Debut Album

Stream Bad Canada’s debut album, released June 19. Recorded in San Luis Potosí, Mexico and Vancouver, Bad Canada walks a line between traditional Americana and mezcal-drenched psych rock.


Tonight is The SSRIs Reunion Show!

Tonight is Vancouver’s The SSRIs Reunion Show at The Wise Hall & Lounge! Blessed, Redrick Sultan, and TV Ugly will be accompanying them. Doors are…

Real Live Action

Art Signified Anniversary

Art Signified’s two-year anniversary drove the message loud and crystal clear: rock ‘n’ roll, loosely put, is still roaring in Vancouver. The spectrum of genres…


Redrick Sultan

If you aren’t up on the “space folk” music scene, the name Redrick Sultan likely won’t sound familiar. A shame, considering the amount of passion…


Redrick Sultan

Trolling for Answers by Redrick Sultan Most bands are reluctant to slap a generic label on their sound, opting instead for a genre-defying title like…