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Missing And Murdered

What is the best way to discuss murder? Journalistic investigations often border on the fetishistic. True-crime TV shows (ie. Cold Case Files) and podcasts (ie….

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The Evaporators

Myths spread like contagion. On a cramped roadtrip to the Okanagan, thoughts of an enlarged lake monster hop from head to head with the ease…

Real Live Action

Shindig Semi-Finals: Week #2

I wanted to crawl into a hole. With warm beer and brick walls, Pat’s Pub fulfilled these desires. As a result of these stupefying influences,…

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Youth confuses and bravado can mask doubts. Questions about the future are intimidating. What are you doing with your life? Is there a point in…


Gone ‘Till November by Lil Wayne

Boredom and frustration: two emotions both Lil Wayne and the reader experience during the course of Gone ‘Till November. Written during his 2010 prison sentence…

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Cyrillic Typewriter

On the eve of a storm, I sit on a roof and watch as a blanket of clouds cover the city. Piping through my headphones,…

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Complete Walkthru

The digital age is defined by transformative speed. Content is whirled about. Context is lost. Things are repurposed and reshaped. Access is universal. In the…

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Tim Hecker

I am forgetting my adolescence. I still remember certain phrases said to me underneath high school bleachers. But faces and places are now simple smudges….