Summer Tarotscopes

ARIES – Two of Cups Aries, you’re a fighter, and love is like gasoline on that victory torch you carry home from the war. This…


prOphecy sun

“When you’re up nursing in the middle of the night, why not work on something?”

Real Live Action

Destroy Vancouver XVIII

The moon was a ripe yellow crescent through the balding trees that surrounded VIVO Media Arts — it was as if the sky itself knew…



I feel like some people are made to make things, and if you don’t, then you get artistically constipated.

Under Review

Glad Rags

Smile is the furious, guttural snarl of the woman perpetually looked at and touched. At times, it is the battle cry of the malice that…


Les Chaussettes

Just inside the caged doors of recording studio Little Red Sounds, Les Chaussettes’ lead vocalist and guitarist Jovana Golubovic leans against a folding screen, putting…


Jay Arner

“It seems like we’re really ramping up to the apocalypse.”

Real Live Action


After consuming a full bottle of Les Fleurs du Mal Rosé to myself, I, accompanied by two stone cold sober friends, strode unevenly through the…