ARIES – Two of Cups

Aries, you’re a fighter, and love is like gasoline on that victory torch you carry home from the war. This card is about steadfast partnership, and it holds within it the qualities of equilibrium and willingly exchanged, tender vulnerability. If you’ve been denying yourself the kind of care the deepest part of you craves, it’s time to open up to the kind of love that can look you right in the eyes and walk unflinchingly into your fire. It’s time to treat your heart like a bird that’s flown into a window pane, it’s time to see yourself as a human being, not a ragged soldier in a suit of armor.  

TAURUS – Eight of Pentacles

Dig your hands into the dirt, let calluses grow on your thumbs: there’s work to be done. These coming months are for learning and honing new skills, becoming a craftsperson, attending to detail and functionality. Taurus works the earth, plants the seeds for a joyful harvest in the fall. Make beautiful things to bring hope to others, make tasty things to fill hungry bellies, make sturdy, durable things to support bodies, life itself. Tell the truth from the soles of your feet, build a new foundation. If questions arise, there are mentors who’ve walked before you, they know when the hail is coming, when to bring the tomato plants in.

GEMINI – Knight of Wands

Under pressure, you light yourself on fire. You work hard and then harder, throw yourself into the furnace of new projects and burn until you burn out. Now, you’ve risen from the ashes a new bird with old eyes. You know the fire is what gives you life, it’s what gets you up in the morning. Like the salamander that adorns the Knight’s tunic, you thrive in the flames. This summer, when the heat’s highest, go on impulse, raise the stakes. Don’t fear your own cycle of boom and bust: the forest grows lush after it’s been burned to the ground.

CANCER – Knight of Swords

You’ve been gifted a megaphone and from your back deck, apartment balcony, rooftop, you read aloud from the book of your heart. The power of your birth month and its new moon entrance bring high tides and give you the confidence to openly communicate, perhaps through words or music. All manner of sea creatures appear from your depths, crabs and crayfish carry truth on their backs. You are determined to express yourself with abandon. This reckless sharing will be cathartic for you, but it may get you in trouble with others. The rebellious spirit of the Knight of Swords urges you to push forward, anyway.

LEO – Strength

This year, your birth month comes in like a howling wind. Inside the house of your mind, you light a fire in the hearth and watch through the window as the trees in the yard bend and snap. Strength is calm and steady hands removing splinters, pouring tea into mugs, gently turning the wheel into the driveway, the front porch light still on for you. You carry Strength in the center of your heart. When the world around you changes in ways that scare you, this Strength will tuck you under the covers, stroke your hair, and remind you that you are made of pure flame.

VIRGO – Ace of Wands

Virgo, it’s your turn at bat. Past the outfield, you can see summer rain sliding over the neighbouring suburb. The sun hits the dark clouds and is stopped in its tracks: the view is sublime. Your home run hit will be carried high on the crowd’s shouts and this will mark the beginning of a record breaking season. After striking out again and again during practice, it’s your time, the floodlights shine for you. Good luck and good omens present themselves to you, and it’s your duty to take advantage of any revelations or breakthroughs that come your way.

Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine
Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine

LIBRA – The Fool

Libra, you’re the last one to play The Fool, to admit you don’t know where you’re going, that you’re on unsteady ground. Scales don’t like to lose their balance. In the face of the open summer sky, bare your shoulders, bare your heart. Let your mind follow the clouds over the horizon and don’t try to guess at what’s past the next bend in the road as you stroll through the cool morning air. Have faith that not knowing is the key to your inner equilibrium. This is the beginning of a journey into yourself.

SCORPIO – The Lovers

Your inner world is a sacred temple, and there are rules about who can pass through its doors and what they may do once they enter. There are respects to be payed, candles to be lit, ritual to be followed. The Lovers is asking you to consider your boundaries, who you let into your physical and psychic space on the deepest and most intimate level. You must treat your soul as divinity and those who you allow to come into contact with that divinity should be absolutely reverent. Be mindful of your relationships and whether those who you share your soul with fully understand and appreciate your power.

Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine
Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine

SAGITTARIUS – Ace of Swords

You are the architect of your time. The summer is like a wide sheet of sky blue construction paper and the Ace of Swords is your pair of scissors. Cut out time for creative projects, your favourite people. Trim off some hours to drink gold-coloured beers on warm wooden decks, shear away an afternoon dipping your toes into cool, clear water. The universe is speaking to you and it wants you to speak back in music or poetry or painting. Winter baby, let the sunny months inspire you, soak up enough vitamin D and daydreams to last until your birthday.

Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine
Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine

CAPRICORN – Nine of Swords

Something has been keeping you up at night. Maybe it’s ghosts at the edges of your bed or shadows on your walls. Maybe it’s disrespectful roommates or texts from a toxic friend. The sun’s up longer these days, and it’s hard to get the rest you need. Everything is loud and bright but all you’re craving is peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Take the swords down off the wall, one by one. Name them, know them, throw a couple in the river, if you can, bury one or two. Take the sharpest ones, put them on a to-do list and deal with them. Polish them, sheath them: they are your secret weapons.

Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine
Summer Tarotscopes by Keagan Perlette for Discorder Magazine

AQUARIUS – Queen of Swords

Over cups of coffee, through the telephone lines, via keystrokes or handwritten notes, you’re good at giving others helpful words. Inside of you, there is a wise and exacting Queen. She sits on a throne made of experience and observation and her dominion is decision making. It’s time to take your own advice and to trust your ability to give good advice to others. People may be coming to you for advice, and you must give them the truth even if it’s hard to say or hard to hear. This Queen can be blunt, even brusque, and if you’re dealing tough love, remember to be compassionate.

PISCES – Five of Pentacles

What’s gone cold inside of you, Pisces? Where are the aches and pains you’ve been icing? There are seasons where we feel shut out in bad weather without a down coat. Everyone you know is doing so well –– successful in love, creativity, business –– and you wonder when it’ll be your day in the sun. The secret is that the rays of warmth you crave are right around the corner, or closer still, within you. When you are caught up in desperate jealousy, you are the one who leaves yourself out in the cold: open the door. If you need help to defrost, call on those around you who will remind you of your preciousness.




Keagan Perlette is a writer, tarot reader and novice witch.