On July 9, 2018, Discorder Magazine published an opinion piece by Keagan Perlette, a former student in the UBC Creative Writing Program, under the heading “Canlit, Get Your Shit Together.”

The article primarily concerned the response by UBC and the Canadian literary community to the allegations made against the former chair of the program, Steven Galloway, from the perspective of a student in that program.

However, in discussing that issue, Ms. Perlette wrote, and Discorder published, statements that may have been understood to mean that she had actual and direct knowledge that Mr. Galloway had committed assault against a student or students in the program. In fact, Ms. Perlette had no such direct knowledge regarding the allegations made against Mr. Galloway.

Ms. Perlette and Discorder hereby retract without reservation those parts of the article that suggest she had such knowledge and apologize to Mr. Galloway for any harm the publication of those statements may have caused.

Ms. Perlette and Discorder further acknowledge that this allegation against Mr. Galloway was investigated by a former judge of the BC Supreme Court, who found these allegations concerning Mr. Galloway were unsubstantiated.

The article has been removed from Discorder’s website.