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“Everybody wants to be a famous artist, but are you doing things to make sure that your community is safe? Are you catering to the right people? I want my music and everything that I do to be oriented towards women of colour and women being comfortable. I’m fighting for accessible spaces.”



“People like to share in others’ shared experiences, people like to laugh.”

Real Live Action

Shindig Semi-Finals: Week #3

Jock Tears, Little Sprout, and Mirepoix took to the stage for the third semi-final round, and the second to last Shindig of the year. It…

Real Live Action

Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley

Having cycled through years of mutual adoration and reciprocal influence by way of various collaborative projects, forever emblematized by their DRINKS team-up, Cate Le Bon…


Lady Radio

Fridays at 6pm CiTR broadcasts a chorus of voices, laughs, discussion and music. Lady Radio was created from a grant that founded the Women’s Collective…