Haleluya Hailu

“I think more people need more petty teenage drama to focus on while the world is on fire.”   Haleluya Hailu’s very first EP entitled…


Chutney Mag

In a conversation with Osman Bari, founder and editor of Chutney Magazine, we unpacked the magazine and its diverse contents. Chutney Mag is a Toronto-based…


Normie Corp

The raddest, hottest, most sincere fosterers of virtual “safe spaces” you ever did see, Normie Corporation’s Haina, Pao and Vinson are equal parts aesthetic wet…


Tawahum Bige

Tawahum Bige [he/they] is, in their words, “the whole gamut”: poet, performer, land defender, rapper, musician, and writer, as well as an uncle and a…


SB Edwards | Falling and Rising

In March, the Gender Empowerment Collective sat down with East Van’s SB Edwards, an independent screenwriter and director, for an interview on CiTR 101.9 FM….