Inherent Vices

“Things happen with people, it’s not the be all and end all of who they are.”


Inherent Vices Plays CiTR LIVE

Love punk music? Well we’ve got a treat for you. Inherent Vices is playing CiTR LIVE and you can watch them for FREE! The local punk…

Real Live Action


It’s impressive when such a large venue, aimed mostly at nightclubbers, still hosts local music in a big way. Even when Vancouver bands are squished…

Under Review

Inherent Vices

Sacred Sigils Tape by Inherent Vices Inherent Vices’ follow up to their one-track Suicide EP provides listeners with a look into their dark, yet danceable…

Real Live Action

Phoenix Thunderbird

The heat that had been melting the pavement all Wednesday afternoon cooked the Astoria from the outside in, setting a most torrid atmosphere amongst the…