Inherent Vices

You Don't Have To Agree

“Things happen with people, it’s not the be all and end all of who they are.”


Inherent Vices Plays CiTR LIVE

Love punk music? Well we’ve got a treat for you. Inherent Vices is playing CiTR LIVE and you can watch them for FREE! The local punk…

Real Live Action


It’s impressive when such a large venue, aimed mostly at nightclubbers, still hosts local music in a big way. Even when Vancouver bands are squished…

Under Review

Inherent Vices

Sacred Sigils Tape by Inherent Vices Inherent Vices’ follow up to their one-track Suicide EP provides listeners with a look into their dark, yet danceable…

Real Live Action

Phoenix Thunderbird

The heat that had been melting the pavement all Wednesday afternoon cooked the Astoria from the outside in, setting a most torrid atmosphere amongst the…