Drawer Club

Meet the neighbours

From Swampcone Magazine came the ultimate quarantine virtual escape for art enthusiasts: Drawer Club. A choose-your-own-adventure — Drawer Club allows players to create characters that…


Hue Nguyen

Figures that elude containment, shapes that break the tether, textures that wander across the pastures.

The hyperpersonal and the generally relatable are a dialectic that Hue Nguyen expertly balances. Hue is a multidisciplinary artist (and a horse) practicing in Vancouver….


Heavy Heart-Binger

‘”Heavy Heart-Binger” is a graphically woven image threading the baggage of my own inherited Filipino-Catholic background in contention with my experiences of otherness and marginalized queer migrant identity.’



“Hey, we want to pay you for your ideas. Even if it’s not much, your work is worth being paid for.”


Juli Majer

Editor’s Note: September’s Art Feature is Juli Majer, an incredible Vancouver-based illustrator. This was the first Art Feature of our new reformat, which included calendar…