Real Live Action

Emerge on Main

I will admit that this is not the typical sort of event that Discorder tends to cover. As we are always striving to give a…

Real Live Action

Lydia Hol

It was bound to be an eclectic night. Even from reading the two opening acts on the chalkboard on the sidewalk, Craig Aalders and Graftician,…

Real Live Action

Quiet City #51

Steady, electronic beats softly played in the background as I walked into the Fox. A soft chatter resounded within the room.The balcony, opposite the stage,…

Real Live Action

Sarah Jane Scouten

History repeats itself. If you were to flip back in time to the September 2017 issue of Discorder, you’d find a curiously similar review. Here…

Real Live Action


More than one music scene descended on Wallgrin’s Bird/Alien release show. Much of the crowd had been anticipating the album for more than two years,…

Real Live Action

What The Fuck Are They Doing?

This was my first fashion show. For some reason it hadn’t crossed my mind that people would be, well, fashionable. In a city with a…

Real Live Action

Louise Burns

After driving from UBC to Main Street as fast as I safely could and running top-speed towards the Fox Cabaret, I was scared that unfortunate…


The Deep Cove Exclusive Album Stream

Listen to the debut album by The Deep Cove, soundtrack to a book by local transmedia artist Leanne Dunic. Album release at The Fox Cabaret Saturday, November 4.