Real Live Action

What The Fuck Are They Doing?

This was my first fashion show. For some reason it hadn’t crossed my mind that people would be, well, fashionable. In a city with a…

Real Live Action

Louise Burns

After driving from UBC to Main Street as fast as I safely could and running top-speed towards the Fox Cabaret, I was scared that unfortunate…


The Deep Cove Exclusive Album Stream

Listen to the debut album by The Deep Cove, soundtrack to a book by local transmedia artist Leanne Dunic. Album release at The Fox Cabaret Saturday, November 4.

Real Live Action

Sarah Jane Scouten

Even though the show had yet to begin, the Fox Cabaret was packed from the door to the stage, with groups of all ages casually…

Real Live Action


An early show time often calls for a smaller crowd, and as the first bands set up at the Fox Cabaret, it seemed as though…

Real Live Action

Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth descended to the stage. In her wake, a duo of dancers, donned in dark drapery, wore steely masks. Their movements matched the music,…

Real Live Action

Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley

Having cycled through years of mutual adoration and reciprocal influence by way of various collaborative projects, forever emblematized by their DRINKS team-up, Cate Le Bon…

Real Live Action

Hannah Epperson

After touring parts of Europe, the USA and Canada, Hannah Epperson returned home. The Fox filled up quickly to see the violin extraordinaire play her…