Under Review


The Vancouver band Ponytails has a lot going for it. It was produced by Felix Fung in the prolific East Hastings studio, Little Red Sounds….



“I’m really tired of seeing four dudes on stage who look like people I would be at work with at the construction site. I want to see some flash and some excitement — something I haven’t seen in awhile, or something new.”


Les Chaussettes

Just inside the caged doors of recording studio Little Red Sounds, Les Chaussettes’ lead vocalist and guitarist Jovana Golubovic leans against a folding screen, putting…


Little Red Sounds

“Produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds.” It’s a sentence you see a lot these days if you’re even the slightest bit involved with…


Did You Die

“Life is only as complicated as you make it,” according to the members of Did You Die. Take their name, for example. Attention-grabbing and direct,…