“No one has any prior judgements [about] who I am. It’s like when you move to a new country and get a new credit score”

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Suspect Convictions

“I like cheese, but I’m not a rat. I like kids, but not like that.” A seeming non sequitur in the opening intro of true…

Real Live Action

Fox Hole Comedy

First and foremost, congratulations to hosts of Fox Hole Comedy, Jackie Hoffart and Robyn Pekar on their recent nuptials. That aside, Fox Hole Comedy is…

Real Live Action

The Hero Show: SHERO SHOW 2

An existential amoeba, a voodoo infomercial and a healthy dose of necrophilia made their appearance in SHERO SHOW 2, an all female sketch comedy revue…

Under Review

VIFF 2017: Paradox

A psychopathic organ trafficker, a psychic Muay Thai cop and a desperate father out for revenge — I saw Paradox at the Rio Theatre during…