It’s a Thursday, and you’re peering out the train window with your earphones jammed in and cranked up to proclaim “thanks, but no thanks” as…


“Dialogue of You”

You: “Hey, did you notice something change today?” You Know: “No, I don’t think so. Why? You: “I can’t find anyone who noticed the change….


“Hogs, pigs”

A hog isn’t squealing, She’s reading a poem To the evening shift carrying card for Local 031 Abattoir toilers. A wet dog mullet, A side…



it’s a Thursday I watch a black squirrel outside my window scrambling to hide acorns paranoid, submerging them different places in the grass how will…


༄ Discothrash Submissions Open ༄

Your keen research skills and discerning tastes have brought you here for a reason — and that reason is Discorder‘s deeply compassionate and tough-as-nails column,…



Maya: Because we all need to breathe in soft stillness from time to time. whether in the big looming shadow of *whispers*…a global crisis. Or…



Zane’s delineation of the physical, earthly existence (even when deeply personal to him) posits a sense of commonality among us all. We feel the same…


“The Price of Admission”

Discothrash #3 “The Price of Admission” B. Caligula   with hopes of despair, I bandage my smallest finger. I wrap a wire wreath of rusted…