Zane Coppard
Andrei Anghelescu

Zane’s delineation of the physical, earthly existence (even when deeply personal to him) posits a sense of commonality among us all. We feel the same cold wet chilling feelings sometimes and that “sometimes” is enough to mean a lot. His work is incredibly visual-spatial. Like literary ecosystems. The divine creation that is born from this piece is the awareness that another person’s idiosyncratic inner world contains the same sparks and tinges and chasms and plains as your own. Sometimes. – Maya Preshyon


A man falls. Wind blows his hair back, tears move from the creases of his eyelids and fade away. It is unclear if he falls to safety.
I keep looking at myself in the mirror. Hoping
to find a different face. The same pale outlines are as clear as they ever were. For this moment I am free of concern. Yet there is still this feeling of dread. Why is that? Maybe it’s because the air feels thicker than it once was. Or maybe it’s because we are no longer friends to one another. Everyone’s available but no one’s free. It’s easier to feel like you are failing when there’s no one watching. Eating the same way everyday is to be my revolution. Take a glimpse into this bubble, won’t you? Maybe you’ll wish to fall as well. It is into the arms of safety and not of pain that we all wish to fall. Away from the domineering ideas of forward motion.