“Hogs, pigs”

Dylan Robert Hackett
Tatiana Yakoleva

A hog isn’t squealing,
She’s reading a poem
To the evening shift carrying card for Local 031
Abattoir toilers.

A wet dog mullet,
A side of bacon,
Back aching,
Tail hair tip black spiked Clay Aiken.
Lower bar of the pen cage fence
With the circumference of a community theatre
curtain rod pinned to her lumbar.

It’s curtains
Intrathecal (IT) administration.
No proven minimally invasive method has been
established to deliver agents into the pig IT space.

The pigs were followed up for up to 19 weeks post –
operatively and underwent dissection at the time of


R. Hester

it’s a Thursday
I watch a black squirrel outside my window
scrambling to hide acorns
paranoid, submerging them different places in the grass
how will they be found by her, and not another?
I’d be tense too
instead I’m nursing my ankle
being the main character of my movie
sometimes I go on a bus ride for fun
get off at the grocery store, walk down the aisles
make a Pinterest account just to feel a certain way
and survive off pizza I don’t have to move much to make.