Claire Bailey’s Spool Oven

Maximalist cake practice

From quarantine season comes another exciting adventure: @spool__oven! Created by artist Claire Geddes Bailey, @spool__oven is a project which invites people to submit prompts ––…


Discorder Radio

This On The Air occupies a bizarre space in Discorder: it is an article in CiTR 101.9FM’s magazine about the radio station’s magazine’s radio show….


Chinatown Concern Group 唐人街關注組

Fighting Gentrification With Intergenerational Cooperation

“We can’t forget our history and the people who came before us, who made it easier for us to be able to live here and who gave us our rights.”

Real Live Action

Bits & Pieces

As I walked into Red Gate, the room had shifted from its usual bare-floored appearance to something much cozier; the couches were moved to form…


Ian William Craig

On The Brink

“I’ve always felt like you should be able to walk into your favourite music, like it’s a place in which you can exist.”

Real Live Action

Princess Nokia

The show began with Horsepowar and Homeboy Jules on stage. Although I hadn’t heard of them before, I instantly knew they were going to bring…


Kye Plant

Creating Catharsis

“It’s a way of expressing myself and touching on that energy inside of me that’s really overwhelming.”


Strange Fascination

For me, what makes change so unsettling is not having to adapt to the new or mourn for what’s gone, but the way time itself…


Discorder TV Episode Three

Discorder Magazine and CiTR is proud to present Episode Three of DTV, featuring an interview with Whitney K, and an original video work by Ryder…