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Tumblers from the Vault [Tumblers] is the reissued collected works of Toronto band Syrinx (1970-72), recently released by RVNG from the coffers of Canadian indie…

Under Review


Japandroids, often hailed as Vancouver’s hottest rock ‘n’ roll duo, have returned from yet another victory lap since their triumphant, make-or-break debut Post-Nothing. Near to…



“But what about the artists!?”

Real Live Action


I stood in a long line that snaked its way out of Venue nightclub and onto the Granville strip, shoulder to shoulder with fans anxious…

Real Live Action


On the evening of August 5, I cycled North on Clarke Drive and found myself at the nexus of urban development and the Vancouver dockyards…

Real Live Action

Deafheaven @ Sled Island

In the smallest hours of the morning on June 26, Deafheaven, the final headliners to perform at Sled Island, took stage at The Royal Canadian…

Real Live Action

Vancouver Noise Fest V

For many Vancouverites, residing in a place that is consistently ranked among “The World’s Most Livable Cities” is a point of pride. This is not…