When conceiving CURRENT: A Pacific Northwest Feminist Electronic Arts Symposium Ashlee Luk, Nancy Lee and Soledad Muñoz knew that it was important for it to be an overtly intersectional feminist space…. CURRENT runs from July 28-30 in Vancouver, BC

Real Live Action


Crust punks, gutter punks, fashion punks, has-been punks, older punks who never stopped being punks: punks of every kind crowded into the Rickshaw on November…

Real Live Action


On July 6, a modest sized crowd of Vancouverites experienced the Electric Owl’s latest weekly event, Under the Spell Sundays. For the night’s maiden voyage,…

Real Live Action


Black Light Sundays is a recently initiated biweekly night at the Astoria showcasing experimental/noise/genre-straddling electronica acts. The venue was sparsely populated with mainstays of the…