Jackson Ramsey

It’s 5:01PM on a Monday. It’s an ever-drizzled and grey Vancouver day as I walk into the newly lacquered JJ Bean cafe on Main and…


Jodie Jodie Roger

Interviewer ​​Do you feel like the curtain was pulled back on having fans or being an entertainer? Jodie Jodie Roger No. The curtain would be…


Tawahum Bige

Tawahum Bige [he/they] is, in their words, “the whole gamut”: poet, performer, land defender, rapper, musician, and writer, as well as an uncle and a…


Hazel Meyer

“This is a show about power.” It is a white room that invites you in, and offers its various pieces to you as though showing…


Claire Bailey’s Spool Oven

From quarantine season comes another exciting adventure: @spool__oven! Created by artist Claire Geddes Bailey, @spool__oven is a project which invites people to submit prompts ––…


(Honky) Tonk

Tonk write lighthearted and amusing yet pensive ballads, calling forth time-honoured images of corralled cattle and a life on the open range; their recent debut…


Dee Stacey

I haven’t had a sex education lesson since I was roughly 14 — I don’t remember them well, but I can tell you they weren’t…



Rattling my way over False Creek on the 007 bus, Ex-Softess’s chiming guitars and sprawling reverberations manifest in the twinkle of sunlight over the water,…



I wish I knew then what I know now. Growing up I tried to be anything but Black but I realize it’s the biggest blessing in the world.