Third Time's The Charm Episode April 19, 2011

April 19 2011

9:30am - 11:30am

their galactic debut CD today on the show-it's a gas!

Track Listing:

welcome home walker · suds!
i need my baby
melvin davis · detroit soul ambassador
shout bamalama
otis redding · v/a-hipshakers vol.2
mind over matter
reigning sound · v/a-daddy rockin' strong
beat that
hentchmen · three times infinity
got a heat on
woggles · ragged but right
mother hubbard
matadors · get down from the tree!
diddley daddy
liverbirds · from merseyside to hamburg
some kind of fool
vibrating beds · s/t
give you the gears
color me pyscho · pretend i'm your father
twist off
von zippers · s/t
dressed in black
teengenerate · get action!
take it or leave it
metros · s/t
A snake
hard feelings · s/t
all the time
chains of love · s/t
tame impala · inner speaker
wild failure
white lung · it's the evil
gimme gasoline
jolts · s/t
Upside Down
Off! · First Four EPs
vicious cycles · the strange and terrible saga of...
born wild
keep your hands off my bike
i got a girl
what i do now
i love my bike
loud pipes save lives
high and wild
i don't no kicks ('til i'm in fifth)
mother mary motorcycle
forever two wheels
(all your friends they ain't) no good
nerve jamming
bass drum of death · gb city