Third Time's The Charm Episode March 31, 2009

March 31 2009

9:30am - 11:30am

a memorial to a fallen musical soldier to start off today, but then we pick things up with new stuff from Los Explosivos, The Coathangers and The Horrors, along with a preview of The Bronx show happening Apr.1 @ Dick's...mmmm good.

Track Listing:

all that matters
avenue rose · split w/let's dance
modern pests
cute lepers · can't stand modern music
rough kids · s/t
the real kid
impulse int'l · s/t
monoton tid
mass hysteri · s/t
not a kid
knockout pills · 1+1=ate
feeling sorry
points · s/t
los explosivos · s/t
again and again
black lips · 200 million thousand
colonial freakout
forbidden tigers · s/t
budget rock
thee vicars · back on the streets
i'm bigger than you
mummies · death by unga bunga
bad vibes
dead ghosts · s/t
what to do
burnt cds
b-lines · s/t
raven tussle
nu sensae · s/t
you want to see us burn
bronx · bats! EP
los angeles
oceans of glass
six days a week
stop stomp stomping
coathangers · scramble
white lung · s/t
Monstrous Little Boy
Adjective · I Am Sorry For Your Loss
pine on
obits · i blame you
torn to pieces
defektors · s/t
never stops
deerhunter · microcastle
memory lane
eddy current suppression ring · primary colours
sea within a sea
horrors · primary colours