Situation of Education

Shannon Leddy

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The Situation of Education is your guide through the complex landscape of teaching, learning, and managing schools. The idea behind this podcast is simple. In Canada, often the only time we talk about what’s going on with education is when there is an election or a teacher’s strike. Yet education has touched the life of every single person in this country. But what do we really know about teaching and learning and how it all works? What do we really know about how curriculum is developed, about how teacher’s unions influence educational practice, or about what, exactly, it is that educational researchers research, and how? Each episode will address one of these issues, offering a chance for teachers to talk about their work with students and experiences of schools, offering researchers a chance to talk about their work in a way far more accessible than through academic journals, and an opportunity for students and parents to talk about the impact schools and teachers have on their lives.

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