Rocket from Russia Episode August 15, 2013

Episode #44

10:00am - 11:00am

Hello Hello Hello!

It's been too long since I've done a show with new music. Summer is a busy touring time and many awesome bands are going through town, so I can't miss an opportunity to talk to those amazing artists. By the way, I do a pretty good job updating the list of upcoming shows in Vancouver, on my blog -

First block features new tracks by Dan Vapid And The Cheats (Chicago, IL, USA), FIDLAR (LA, CA, USA), Galactic Cannibal (Milwaukee + Chicago, USA), Lyapis Trubetskoi (Minsk, Belarus), Jerk Store (Vancouver, BC, Canda), Lipstick Homicide (Coralville, IA, USA) and The Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa, ON, Canada). By the way, new album "Two" by Dan Vapid and The Cheats is amazing, one of the best records I've heard this year! Don't miss their show in Vancouver this weekend.

The second block starts with a killer song "Forever Summer" by legendary Adolescents...WHAT A SONG!!! And then more fast stuff - Bad Religion (LA, CA, USA), Dig It Up (Montreal, QC, Canada), ZSK (Berlin, Germany), Foxtrot (Melbourne, Australia) and Elway (Fort Collins, CO, USA).

And the last block includes a pretty eclectic mix of songs by Gogol Bordello (New York, NY, USA), Old Man Markley (LA, CA, USA), Larry And His Flask (Bend, OR, USA), Distemper (Moscow, Russia), The Brass Action (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and The Bennies (Melbourne, Australia) . Local band The Brass Action has an album release party this weekend!

THE HEXTALLS - I'm an Alcoholic! [Get Smashed]
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - I Wanna Go To Machu Picchu Before I Die [Two]
FIDLAR - 5 to 9 [FIDLAR]
GALACTIC CANNIBAL - Hate Everything More [We're Fucked]
JERK STORE - Waiting Room [Jerk Store]
LYAPIS TRUBETSKOI- Tantsui! [Tantsui!]
LIPSTICK HOMICIDE - Like This Forever [Out Utero]
THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Monterrey [Monterrey 7"]
ADOLESCENTS - Forever Summer [Presumed Insolent]
BAD RELIGION - Vanity [True North]
DIG IT UP - Eyes On Me [Manners]
ZSK - Punkverrat [Herz Für Die Sache]
FOXTROT - Livin' The Dream [Gone Fishin']
ELWAY - Whispers in a Shot Glass [Delusions]
GOGOL BORDELLO - Lost Innocent World [Pura Vida Conspiracy]
OLD MAN MARKLEY - Come Around Here [Down Side Up]
LARRY AND HIS KLASK - Out Of Print [By The Lamplight]
DISTEMPER - Ya Umirau Dlya Tebya [Gordost, Vera, Loobov]
THE BRASS ACTION - Jack Kerouac [Making Waves]
THE BENNIES - (Return To) 9-5 [Better Off Dread]
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Drink Some More [Off The Leash]

Track Listing:

I'm an Alcoholic!
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
I Wanna Go To Machu Picchu Before I Die
Dan Vapid And The Cheats · Two
5 to 9
Hate Everything More
Galactic Cannibal · We're Fucked
Waiting Room
Jerk Store · Jerk Store
Like This Forever
Lipstick Homicide · Out Utero
The Steve Adamyk Band · Monterrey 7"
Forever Summer
Adolescents · Presumed Insolent
Bad Religion · True North
Eyes On Me
Dig It Up · Manners
ZSK · Herz Fur Die Sache
Livin' The Dream
Foxtrot · Gone Fishin'
Whispers in a Shot Glass
Elway · Delusions
Lost Innocent World
Gogol Bordello · Pura Vida Conspiracy
Come Around Here
Old Man Markley · Down Side Up
Out Of Print
Larry And His Flask · By The Lamplight
Jack Kerouac
The Brass Action · Making Waves
(Return To) 9-5
The Bennies · Better Off Dread 7"
Drink Some More
The Real McKenzies · Off The Leash