Rocket from Russia Episode September 19, 2013

Episode #49, Local music ONLY

10:00am - 11:00am

Happy Hello Hello Hello!

This week we were audited by SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). Their job is to make sure that we are following Canadian content rules and that at least 35% of our airplay is partly written, produced, presented, or otherwise contributed to by persons from Canada. Very official! For us it’s never a problem, be we support a lot of Canadian and local artists.

Their other function is to pay radioplay royalties to the bands. So anytime we have this audit, I try to play as many as possible bands from Vancouver.

Hope you will enjoy this 100% Vancouver episode of Rocket From Russia!
NINJASPY - Out of Tampons [Pi-Nature]
THE HEXTALLS - I Don’t Wanna be a New York Ranger [Get Smashed]
THE ISOTOPES - Operation: Vamos [Blood Diamond]
MCRACKINS - Dear Life [It Ain’t Over Easy]
JERK STORE - Habits [Headaches]
FLAGPOLERS - Mosnia [Demo]
THE REBEL SPELL - Uncontrollable [It’s a Beautiful Future]
SLINGSHOT - Chai Pig Latte [Demo]
RAISED BY APES - False I.D. [Destination Nowhere]
CONTRA CODE - Assaulted Peanuts [Sickrad]
BISHOPS GREEN - Blinded [Bishops Green]
NEEDLES//PINS - Drop It [12:34]
DEAD GHOSTS - I Want You Back [Can’t Get No]
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - Keep Your Hands Off of my Bike [The Strange and Terrible Saga Of​.​.​.]
NERVOUS TALK - Introductions [Upcoming MCR 7”]
THE BALLANTYNES - Velvet [Faith / Velvet 7”]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - About Right [I Go By The Sound]

Track Listing:

Out of Tampons
ninjaspy · Pi-Nature
I Don't Wanna be a New York Ranger
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
Operation: Vamos
The Isotopes · Blood Diamond
Dear Life
McRackins · It Ain't Over Easy
Jerk Store · Headaches
Flagpolers · Demo
The Rebel Spell · It's a Beautiful Future
Chai Pig Latte
Slingshot · Demo
False I.D.
Raised by Apes · Destination Nowhere
Assaulted Peanuts
Contra Code · Sickrad
Bishops Green · Bishops Green
Drop It
Needles//Pins · 12:34
i want you back
dead ghosts · can't get no
nervous talk · Upcoming MCR 7"
The Ballantynes · Faith / Velvet 7''
About Right
Jesse LeBourdais · I Go By The Sound