Pop Drones Episode July 11, 2018

Pop Drones July 11 2018

10:01am - 12:00pm

Ambient-ish excursions through strange worlds.

Track Listing:

First Distance
Les Halles · Zephyr
Jason Kolar · Modified Persepctives
Never Saw Him Again
Mary Lattimore · Hundreds of Days
Arp · Zebra
Inferno of the Same
William Selman · Musica Enterrada
Silver Streak
Rauelsson · Mirall
Drum Rhythms
DJ Raph · Sacred Groves
Morning Breeze
Melquiades · Blue Caves
Roads Inland
Melquiades · The Bluff
Midnight Marker
Shy Layers · Midnight Marker
7FO · Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017)
Tross · The Overview Effect
Including No Information
Phaserboys · s/t
2 D'Or (Cab Chassis)
Eleventeen Eston · At The Water
Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa and Good Willsmith · Exit Future Heart
Green Hill Cross
James Ferraro · Four Pieces For Mirai
Climbing Up (Tomutonttu Remix)
Cool Maritime · Shared Waves
Jon Hassell · Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Vol. 1)