Mix Cassette Episode January 31, 2018


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Whoa! This is quite the mix cassette. For the first time, there is a live band in the studio for our show, and we have a great band at that - Champion Lawnmower. My man Andy, our CITR Music Director, put me on to this band, and I am super impressed. Great instrumentation all the way through, vocals, swagger, and energy. Midway through this cassette they play a live set. Before and after, this mix features stellar guitar rock, pop, and R&B, with tracks from Niki & The Dove, Miguel feat. Rick Ross, Real Estate, Tennis, Best Coast, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles; and of course, the bonus gem! Please enjoy ~~

And do not forget to check out more from Champion Lawnmower at:

CH4MP10N_L4WNM0W3R (insta)


Track Listing:

Miami Beach
Niki & The Dove · Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now
Miguel · War & Leisure
Real Estate · Atlas
Tennis · Young & Old
Bratty B
Best Coast · Crazy For You
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Teeth or Retirement
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Mean Fast One
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Champion Lawnmower · Chickens - single
Even Flow
Champion Lawnmower · Even Flow - single
Albatross [live 1969]
Fleetwood Mac · Shrine '69
Sexy Sadie
The Beatles · The Beatles
Just One Victory
Todd Rundgren · A Wizard / A True Star