Fill-in Show Episode October 28, 2013

Geraldo's Hour at CiTR 101.9 FM 28-Oct-2013

3:00pm - 4:00pm

playsheet tracklist
artist - song (album)

Hot as the Sun - Stop Talking (Night Time Sound Desire)
Austra - Painful Like (Olympia)
Islands - This is not a Song (Asleep and Forgetting)
Jay Arner - Bird Of Prey (Jay Arner)
Jessy Lanza - Strange Emotions (Pull My Hair Back)
Rykka - Map Inside (Kodiak)
Shawn Mrazek - Forest Inside My Head (Thought He Was Dead)
Group Love - School Boy (Spreading Rumours)
Group Love - Ways to Go (Soreading Rumours)
Kristi Lane Sinclair - What Does That Mean (The Sea Alone)
Jordan Klassen - I am a Collector (Kindness

Track Listing:

Stop Talking
Hot as the Sun · Night Time Sound Desire
Painful Like
Austra · Olympia
This is not a Song
Islands · Asleep and Forgetting
Bird Of Prey
Jay Arner · Jay Arner
Strange Emotions
Jessy Lanza · Pull My Hair Back
Map Inside
Rykka · Kodiak
Forest Inside My Head
Shawn Mrazek · Thought He Was Dead
School Boy
Group Love · Spreading Rumours
Ways to Go
Group Love · Soreading Rumours
What Does That Mean
Kristi Lane Sinclair · The Sea Alone
I am a Collector
Jordan Klassen · Kindness