Duncan's Donuts Episode January 21, 2016

The January 21st, 2016 episode: MOOD RING-y

12:00pm - 1:02pm

MOOD RING is a great new-ish comp by Ottawa's Debaser, check it out. Also previewed a bunch of great shows happening this weekend.

Track Listing:

Cool Slut
Chastity Belt · Time To Go Home
Subterrain City
Brave Radar · MOOD RING
Hurricanes Be
New Fries · MOOD RING
Freak Heat Waves · MOOD RING
Don't Let Go
Mesa Luna · Crux
If You're Lonely
Majical Cloudz · Are You Alone?
I Wanna Touch You
She-Devils · s/t
Chances Are High
Jerk Jails · Demo
Echuta · Demo
No Passion
Car Seat Headrest · Teens of Style
Milk · Late Bloomer
I'm the One To Stay
Soft Serve · s/t
Night Games
Rooms · It Takes a Lot To Show
I Always Get What I Want
Moss Lime · Zoo du Quebec
Anthony Ivy
Sheer Agony · Masterpiece
Beach House · Thank Your Lucky Stars
Ty Segall · Melted