Deliberate Noise Episode October 21, 2019

333 will be missed. its bathroom will not

5:03pm - 6:02pm

Nina and Clare are way too excited about the Halloween cover show this weekend at Red Gate - we play some preview tracks you can expect to hear at the show, and plenty of music from bands whose members will be playing. Sydney kindly put up with our chit chat for an hour - keep an eye out, we have a feeling Sydney will have the hottest new punk show on citr very soon : ) Nina reviews the tragic bathroom at 333 as we tragically say goodbye to the venue as it is being forced to close. despite the barely there amenities it's really disheartening to lose yet another diy/ underground arts space.

shows this week:
Tues Oct 22: Brent Penny w Maneater & Biawanna @redg8 (1965 main street)
Fri Oct 25: Guerilla Toss w Freak Dream @ Fortune (early show 7 - 10:30)
Oct 25: Woodhawk @ Railway club
Sat Oct 26: COVERS FROM THE CRYPT @ Redg8. $15 doors at 7
Oct 26: Man Up Halloween - “MAN UP HALLOWEEN IS THE FREAKY DRAG HELL OF YOUR WILDEST NIGHTMARES!!!” @ the warehouse (550 malkin ave) with dj softieshan
Sun Oct 27: patti (ny) w/ puzzlehead & oblomov @ black lab
Oct 27: Crack Cloud w Venetta, Eden Solomon @ Fortune sound club

Track Listing:

Moth Like Me
Guerilla Toss · What Would the Odd Do?
Poultry VR Fantasy
Champion Lawnmower · Champion Lawnmower
Graph of Desire
Crack Cloud · Anchoring Point
Oblomov · Demos 2019
The Carpenter
Puzzlehead · Big Sniff
Look at My List
Patti · Good Big
1 2 X U
Wire · Pink Flag
Underwater Sun
Stephen Hillenburg · The Yellow Album
Kool Thing
Sonic Youth · Dirty
Island in the Sun
Monkey Pirates · A Punk Tribute to Weezer
Brent Penny · Choose the Right
Rudy · Reeboks
Dry Blood
Woodhawk · Violent Nature
Weeping Bone
Kamikaze Nurse · Bucky Fleur
Be Afraid · One More Year