copy/paste Episode October 4, 2018

copy/paste 164: echoes of the north

11:02pm - 11:53pm

it's a full mix of 100000% canadian artists this week on copy/paste, but don't be fooled -- the quality is as good as it's ever been. get to know the folks north of the forty-ninth doing big things on small dancefloors.

Track Listing:

Sigil Tree A2
datataste · Sigil Tree
RAMZi · Peze-Piton
Senor Tomorrow
Studio Mody · Count 01
Infinity Scroll
Rest Corp · Infinity Scroll
Vanilight (Rezoned)
Ex-Terrestrial · Portal Vision EP
Don't You Understand
Dan Only · The Wurly Chronicles EP
Secret Lover · Livin' The Dream EP
Back Dat Up
Cherriep · Bird of Paradise
Self Service
CFCF · Self Service