Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 21, 2022

New Marc Richter, Ecotone; Ian William Craig; Loraine James and other delightful sundries.

7:53am - 10:54am

Sarah Davachi / Sean McCann; Loscil; Marc Richter; Rafael Anton Irisarri; Mirt; Tim Hecker; Ecotone; Ian William Craig; Loraine James; More Eaze / Lucy Liyou; Brian Eno; Fennesz; Felicia Atkinson; Laurie Anderson / Tenzin Choegyal / Jesse Paris Smith; FM Einheit / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge; Korea Town Acid; Fluxion; Maral and Action Sports.

Track Listing:

sarah davachi / sean mccann · mother of pearl
loscil · for greta
chapter two
marc richter · mm?xx vol.1 & 2
a great northern sigh
rafael anton irisarri · the north bend: 10th anniversary
untitled 1
mirt · artificial field recordings
it's a mistake to think too much
tim hecker · the north water
littoral 6
ecotone · littoral
it's a sound not an ocean
ian william craig · music for magnesium_173
choose to be gay
loraine james · building something beautiful for me
more eaze / lucy liyou · oneiric
brian eno · foreverandevernomore
rivers of sand
fennesz · venice
transparent movement
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
listen without distraction
laurie anderson / tenzin choegyal / jesse paris smith · songs from the bardo
creation recreated
fm einheit / genesis breyer p-orridge · exhibition of a dream
korea town acid · cosmos
parallel moves
fluxion · parallel moves
come around
maral · ground groove
smoker's alcove
action sports · III