Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 30, 2019

Tunes for Decade's End

7:52am - 10:55am

Julia Kent; Sarah Davachi; Pan*American; Sarah Davachi / Ariel Kalma; Loscil; Meemo Comma; Aidan Baker / Gareth Davis; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Efdemin; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Robag Wruhme; Julia Kent; Loscil; Aidan Baker; Jonsi & Alex Somers; Anne Mueller; Minor Pieces; Laurie Anderson / Tenzin Choegyal / Jesse Paris Smith; 75 Dollar Bill; Sing Sinck, Sing; Devon Welsh; Ela Orleans; The Verbrilli Sound & Jaqcues Greene.

Track Listing:

last hour story
julia kent · temporal
perfumes 1
sarah davachi · pale bloom
memphis helena
pan*american · a son
harmonium odyssey
sarah davachi / ariel kalma · intemporal
equivalent 6
loscil · equivalents
night rain
meemo comma · sleepmoss
the dead
aidan baker / gareth davis · invisible II
the portable illusionist
building castles out of matchsticks · oscillating forests
oh, lovely appearance of death
efdemin · new atlantis
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the eigth floor
robaq wruhme · venq tolep
julia kent · green and grey
dust circles
loscil · lifelike
climbing into light
aidan baker · the forever tapes
wind in our ears
jonsi and alex somers · lost and found
drifting circles
anne mueller · heliopause
minor pieces · the heavy steps of dreaming
awakened one
laurie anderson / tenzin choegyal / jesse paris smith · songs from the bardo
every last coffee or tea
75 dollar bill · i was real
joy is on her mount and death is at her side
sing sinck, sing · are sing sinck, sing
devon welsh · true love
in the night / i know
ela orleans · movies for ears
pomegranate seeds
the verbrilli sound · the dragonfly and the devil
night service
jacques greene · dawn chorus