Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 18, 2013

Broadcast on 18-Nov-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

majeure - solar maximum-solar maximum
steve moore - light echoes I-light echoes
flume - star eyes-s.t.
tim hecker - black refraction-virgins
pantha du prince / bell laboratory - spectral shift-elements of light
austra - annie (oh muse you)-olympia
arcade fire - porno-reflektor
lusine - stratuscloud boat-the waiting room
julianna barwick - one half-nepenthe
huerco s - quivira-colonial patterns
boundary - double edged sword-s.t.
esmerine - lost river blues I-dalmak
cfcf - lamp-music for objects
son lux - pyre-lanterns
darkside - golden arrow-psychic
cloud boat - youthern-book of hours
majical clouds - childhood's end-impersonator
white poppy - existential angst-s.t.
braids - girl-flourish // perish
body/head - abstract-coming apart
darkside - paper trails-psychic
yello - desire-essential
diana - curtains-perpetual surrender
goldfrapp - simone-tales of us
bibio - sycamore silhouetting-silver wilkinson
blue hawaii - follow-untogether
mum - sweet impressions-smilewound
solar year - seeing the same-waverly

Track Listing:

solar maximum
majeure · solar maximum
light echoes I
steve moore · light echoes
star eyes
flume · s.t.
black refraction
tim hecker · virgins
spectral shift
pantha du prince / bell laboratory · elements of light
annie (oh muse you)
austra · olympia
arcade fire · reflektor
stratuscloud boat
lusine · the waiting room
one half
julianna barwick · nepenthe
huerco s · colonial patterns
double edged sword
boundary · s.t.
lost river blues I
esmerine · dalmak
CFCF · Music For Objects
son lux · lanterns
golden arrow
darkside · psychic
cloud boat · book of hours
childhood's end
majical clouds · impersonator
existential angst
white poppy · s.t.
braids · flourish // perish
body/head · coming apart
Paper Trails
Darkside · Psychic
yello · essential
diana · perpetual surrender
goldfrapp · tales of us
sycamore silhouetting
bibio · silver wilkinson
blue hawaii · untogether
sweet impressions
mum · smilewound
seeing the same
solar year · waverly