Aural Tentacles Episode October 14, 2016

oct 14 2016

12:05am - 2:48am

Oct 14 2016 how to pick up girlz + trivia

Track Listing:

lobster song
dissidenten · new world party
caravan II
hamid baroudi · new world party
sweet trip · darla 100
hey hey galaxie
orange cake mix · darla 100
how to pick up girlz pt 1
the apes of God · s/t
brief history of radio
boy star library · build your own radio
going to new zealand
bugs eat books · build your own radio
overhead repairs
mathlete · build your own radio
koko & the future · build your own radio
i left a lite on 4 u
bello lamb · build your own radio
reading your face like braille
kiss whistle · build your own radio
6 cents & natalie · build your own radio
truth about luke
my favorite · build your own radio
how to pick up girlz pt 2
apes of God · s/t
begin the beguine
smithsonian jazz master world orch · tribute 2 a generation
dream machine
i am the world trade center · digital
mive uva · digital
harold,myrtle & agatha
mesopotomia · digital
sound bites
trump · digital
mika grady · digital
morning zoo
mendoza line · digital
french · digital
what could have happened
mike skinner · digital
fabu · digital
neither lost
saturnine · digital
trump · digital
sister transistor
emily rock group · digital
return to tippy joe
phones · digital
dipstick & egres · digital
sultan radio
wee too thee · digital