Under Review

Retail Nightmares

Podcast Series

Self-Released; 08/05/2017

Nathan Pike

If you’ve ever worked a regrettable job that left you feeling deflated, frustrated, or lacking in empathy for the human condition than Retail Nightmares is the podcast for you.

Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle are a couple of pals who get together to chat crap and laugh a bunch. Each episode features a fun guest who joins to flesh out sordid tales of retail life and just life in general. These guests range from musicians, comedians, activists, and theatre types. Regardless of their background, however, they are always eager to share and play along. As a result, this show is very much akin to kicking back in the yard with a few drinks and talking about the times.

As far as podcasts go, Retail Nightmares has a pretty simple premise. As crucial as it is to discuss political matters and the dreadful nature of existence, it is refreshing to laugh and relate to something that is nearly universal: crappy work experiences. More specifically, the people who make it crappy, and the crappy boss people who make it even worse. Add on little vignettes such as “puppo of the week” (favourite animal or person they crossed paths with in the past few days), easy and unpretentious banter, plenty of poo poo humour, and you have a successful podcast that is not only relatable but highly contagious.

When hearing these all too common tales of retail hell, there are a lot of cringe inducing moments. And while I have plenty of my own stories, such as the guy who handed me blood soaked money or the woman at the grocery store who curtly informed me that she had a boyfriend when I greeted and asked how she was, I listening to the stories of others eases the sting of past experiences and lends a bit of unity to fellow retail front liners.

Things can be rough out there. Jobs can suck and people are sometimes the worst. Bad days undeniably happen and both sides of the counter can dish out and take the brunt of it. Whether you are answering phones or pouring a bomb-ass espresso, just remember that you are not alone. And if the day’s toil has left you feeling spent, why not spend an hour with Jessica, Alicia and friends? I can guarantee some juicy tales and a few good laughs, because let’s face it, laughing it off makes the nightmare just a bit less jagged.