“Humour is the way to bridge that absurdist gap between what is expected and what you actually get.”




“No one has any prior judgements [about] who I am. It’s like when you move to a new country and get a new credit score”

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Young and Sick

“Prominent Vancouver comedians Alicia Tobin and Kevin Lee co-host this monthly podcast in which their conversation weaves around all of the burdens and absurdities of living with chronic health conditions”

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On the launch day of OPPO, I was promised a Canadian politics podcast that would be “very current, right now, insider, sometimes gossip, some times…

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Love To Sew

Looking for a seamless podcast, strung together with darn good sewing advice and spools of resources? Make it sew! The Love to Sew podcast is…

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Stop Podcasting Yourself

Ten minutes into their inaugural episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself, Graham Clark asks his co-host, Dave Shumka, “Is this what podcasts sound like?” They had…

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It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast that discusses topics pertinent to the country we live in. Jesse Brown is a Canadian journalist and the…

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The Secret Life of Canada

The version of this country’s history that many Canadians are taught tends to gloss over, if not totally exclude, the colonialism, racism and violence that…

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The Imposter

Thirty minutes into Episode 34 of The Imposter, guest Sholem Krishtalka drops a nugget of truth which perfectly describes the entire podcast: “Criticism, for me,…

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Feelin Weird

Feelin Weird is a podcast created by Kye Plant, a musician based in Victoria, B.C.. Produced out of Plant’s bedroom, each episode discusses taboo subjects,…