Editor's Note

Hail! Discordia

Brit Bachmann
Emma Potter

Sometimes I wonder if having a name that could reference Eris, the Ancient Greek goddess of discord and strife doesn’t unwillingly bring some sort of chaos upon Discorder Magazine. It’s a thought, right? Or more of a superstition.

The only other mention of Eris (also known as Discordia) in this magazine is an article called “Hail! Discordia” in the March 1987 issue, which describes the religion of Discordianism. The religion started as a hoax in 1963, but managed to gain a serious following. “Hail! Discordia” quotes one of the founders of Discordianism Kerry Thornley saying, “If I’d known Eris was real, I would have chosen Venus instead.”

So true.

This month we feature musicians and artists sifting through their own chaos to build strong and distinct creative practices, occasionally adopting whole separate personas. These folks include Mass Marriage, Iceberg Ferg, Plazas, g h o s t i n g, Phono Pony, and others.

I’m going to end with another quote from “Hail! Discordia.” The author isn’t listed, so I assume editor Michael Shea is responsible: “Fortunately, Eris has returned to remind us that not all order is good, and not all chaos is bad, and that it mights [sic] be preferable to work with creative order and creative chaos, while working against both destructive order and destructive chaos.” Wrap your head around that.



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