Fun Writers Wanted

Discorder interviewed Hunter S. Thompson for the July 1986 issue. On journalism, he had this to say: Well, right now, the trouble with journalism now…


Safe Amp Society

“We don’t know how to do things like taxes! But at the same time, we are kind of the target demographic.”


Oink Oink Oink

Over the last week of October I was called a pig by my landlords when they attempted to illegally renovate a section of tiles in…



Nudges, Nods, Notes

“It’s a really critical time in Canadian history, where the offer of reconciliation is in front of us, and we need to do the hard work of taking it.”



Building Perspective

“I’m really tired of seeing four dudes on stage who look like people I would be at work with at the construction site. I want to see some flash and some excitement — something I haven’t seen in awhile, or something new.”


Strange Fascination

For me, what makes change so unsettling is not having to adapt to the new or mourn for what’s gone, but the way time itself…



Same Band, New Scene

“Since we’ve come back from the tour, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we’ve been playing to different people, playing to new people, and things are opening up a little bit.”


Let Them Eat Condos

This month, two bands share their perspectives on the impact of Vancouver’s changing skyline — MOSFETT mourns the loss of late night practicing at Renegade…



A few weeks ago I answered the Discorder office phone and chatted with Robert, a subscriber in Toronto. I don’t often get the opportunity to…