Under Review


The Body Electric (Independent)

by Josefa Cameron

Buffaloswans - The Body Electric_cover

Freddie Mercury, Frank Zappa and Willie Nelson: These are the names that came to mind as I listened to the title track of Buaffaloswans new album, The Body Electric. Four minutes into the song, the band explodes into a two-minute, Zappa-inspired instrumental jam. This came as a surprise, considering that the remaining ten tracks find the Vancouver quintet emphasizing the warm twang of psychedelic country.

The melodies are saturated with a well-written mystical lyricism, conveyed through a ‘70s vintage folk feel. The band recorded their sophomore album at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, producing a mature listening experience. It is almost impossible to not sway to Jobi Mihajlovich’s keys, the soft vocals of Scott Bell or the string sounds of guitarist James Lamb and bassist James Green. The nuance is painted through reoccurring themes of simple love, faith and friendship. Buffaloswans have bravely attempted and valiantly conquered the undone. They repaired the relationship of Americana art-country and merged it amid solid, groovy, classic-inspired-rock.