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State Radio

Let It Go

Ruff House

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

State Radio - Let it Go
State Radio – Let it Go

No one can accuse Boston Massachusetts-based State Radio of being lazy after listening to their third album titled Let It Go. The band continues its calls to action by pricking the ears of the listener with its proactive, politically-conscious music. Indeed, State Radio operates on the agenda of making this planet healthier, more aware and well-fed through world-wise lyricism coupled with their tireless efforts in social action. Combining public service within their touring schedules, whether it be working soup kitchens during their off time or riding bikes to their gigs in the name of environmental sustainability, State Radio walk what they talk. The music they play has the keen ability to shake you up and falls somewhere between fuzzy rock and reggae/ska. Whether it be in dance beats or in crashing waves of social change that will make you think, and get you moving. Some personal favorites are the reggae-infused tune “Calling All Crows,” a simple call out to the people to take initiative action while “Doctor Ron the Actor” and “Knights of Bostonia” are super energized and anthemic as ever. State Radio is a band that is as dynamic as it is diverse and no doubt have a live show worth its weight in gold. Keep your eyes peeled for this musical revolution.