Esteban Peréz: Unfinished Marks

Unfinished marks can be found in spit, heat, splatter, dents, holes, and accidents

A fox cranium, a spine carcass and a centerpiece of tethered canvas is sealed with insulation foam. You can see papaya yellows and purple orchid…

It’s Easier if it’s in a Song

This Sisyphean battle: a conversation with Francis Baptiste

  Francis Baptiste is an Indigenous musician from the Osoyoos Indian Band in the Okanagan Valley. His work explores themes of trauma, addiction, and family….

A Conversation with Nicole Luongo

Rethinking the psy-complex

[TW: Suicide]   Author, Academic, Drug User and Mad Woman Nicole Luongo critically examines our societal takes on health and illness. Fueled by lived experience,…

Van Black Library

Assembling a nucleaus for Vancouver's Black community

On January 24, 2022, an orange, purple, and magenta mottled square popped up across Vancouverites’ Instagram feeds with bolded text in the bottom right corner:…


Crossing the borders between real and fiction

The line “You and I could never communicate like two normal human beings” stands out in a film that primarily communicates through poetic narration and…