Special Feature: Spotty Josif

Editor’s Note: In advance of Discorder’s Hip Hop Showcase & Fundraiser Friday, November 18 at the Media Club, we asked the performing artists for a little background…

Spotty Josif is a producer and songwriter based out of Surrey, B.C..


Discorder Magazine: Who is the biggest influence on your sound?

Spotty Josif: The Clipse (Pusha-T & Malice) always played a huge role in music for me period. The album Hell Hath No Fury changed everything for me. It was perfect timing because I was in a rap duo with my cousin called Spot & Ess when I first heard that record. It honestly mentored our writing. Not only cause Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were behind the production, but also the fact that The Clipse were brothers and shared the same relationship in music that I did with my cousin. The bars were about brotherhood, the delivery was so street, the beats super unorthodox and funky. The formula was so obscure that it just worked perfectly. The aggression they brought to the table was impeccable. They brought the hipsters and the hood to the same crowd.

DM: What is your favourite venue to perform at, or attend a concert at? 

SJ: I haven’t performed at many venues, but Fortune Sound Club has been my favourite so far. The crowd is just really cool.

DM: As an emerging artist based in the Lower Mainland, what is the biggest obstacle for getting noticed nationally and internationally?

SJ: For obvious reasons, there are so many talented people from here and quality music dropping everyday. I’ve learned that artists needs to be consistent dropping top quality music to survive. No one wants to invest time into an artist that puts one song out a year, no matter how good. People want someone to root for. But in the end, really, I just wanna make cool shit me and my friends can relate to.

DM: Do you think the hip hop and rap produced in the Pacific Northwest has a distinct sound or style?

SJ: I don’t think there is a distinct sound. I know and have worked with artists/producers that I never thought would be into the type of shit I’m into. I think because of the variety of different type of styles artists have here, we’re forced to experiment and think outside the box creatively.

DM: If you could be featured on a track with any current breakout artist, who would you want to collaborate with?

SJ: Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) has had a major influence on me lately, and he would have to be one of the artists I’d die to work with. The whole ’80s imagery, the horror feels, the dark romantic soul, the energy and storytelling he creates really plays a huge role in my writing. Don’t see that happening though hahaha

Spotty Josif will be performing a the Local Hip Hop Showcase & Fundraiser Friday, November 18 at the Media Club. Doors at 8pm, show at 9. Additional performers include So Loki, Missy D, Freeman Young, R.O.M.I. and Something August. Tickets are $10 in advance on brownpapertickets.com, or $15 at the door. This is a 19+ event.