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Sun Airway

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Review By Ming Wong

Sun Airway
Sun Airway

Put The Days Away
How aptly named. This Philly band’s first full length effort is indeed an explosion of crystal prisms hitting the light and reflecting kaleidoscopic sounds back upon its listeners. It’s the type of lazy, hazy pop that will put your head in the stars, in clouds or in cotton candy. Wherever it is, it’s bound to be colourful, and sweet.

The opening track “Infinity” bursts like a hopeful reawakening dawn, and this bright tone maintains throughout. “Shared Piano” and many others sound like those sparkling, clean, wide-eyed outfitted intros from the TV show Skins. “Oh, how we put the days away / We just danced beneath the sea of snakes,” is the sort of youthful escape bandleader Jon Barthmus writes about on “Put The Days Away.” Along with Patrick Marsceill sculpting the thick textured sound atmosphere, they recorded the album in Barthmus’ basement studio and, although the reverb is heavy, there is an overall sleek sound. It’s pretty pop: bright and delightful.

Sun Airway might not be entirely memorable, since all their songs are similar enough to blend into a thick mess, but then again, can you remember clearly the last time your head was in the stars? I think not. And if you can, then your head wasn’t deep enough in the cosmos.